Botulax 100 is a prescription-only product that is developed by Hugel Pharma. Similar to Botox, it is used for intermuscular injection for the treatment of several categories of facial fine lines and moderate wrinkles, as well as for conditions such as blepharospasm or hyperhidrosis. It has impressive purity and efficacy and it has Botulinum Toxin Type A as its main active ingredient.


Advantages Botulax 100 has over other BTTA injection products

This is one of the most reliable and popular Botulinum Toxin Type A (BTTA) injection treatment. Given the many benefits and the amazing qualities of Botulax 100, that is hardly surprising. There are several ways in which it performs better than its competition:

  • Swift onset – It takes just 2 or 3 days for the first results to become visible
  • Impressive purity (99%)
  • Excellent efficacy (98%)
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Thoroughly controlled for stable potency and safety

One injection session with this exceptional neurotoxic product takes about 10 minutes and comes with minimal or even no downtime. The procedure itself is also ridiculously simple since it consists of several small injections. Nevertheless, since this a prescription-only medical product, it is to be applied only by board-certified plastic surgeons or other medical professionals who are trained and licensed to perform such treatments. Order only from trusted distributors and wholesale providers like BTX Shop.

Multiple uses

Botulax 100’s composition features Botulinum Toxin Type A, Sodium Chloride (0.9mg) and human serum albumin (0.5mg). That makes this innovative product suitable for the temporary correction of crow’s feet, glabellar lines and other shallow to medium facial lines and wrinkles. Another main use of this Botox-like injection is for the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) particularly one that affects the underarms, forehead or the palms. Patients who suffer from benign essential blepharospasm (spasms or abnormal blinking of the eyelids) can be treated with this product. When injected into the target muscle, the Botulinum Toxin relaxes it, making it smoother, softer and temporary preventing muscles to contract which effectively improves the appearance of facial wrinkles and stops involuntary muscle spasms.

The shelf life of this product is 3 years. It has to be stored at temperatures between 2-8°C in a dry place.