Botulax 200 contains 200 units of Botulinum Toxin Type A in one of its the purest and harmless forms. It serves a purpose similar to that of Botox – it relaxes the muscles into which it has been injected, delivering a fast, temporary treatment of facial wrinkles and clinical conditions such as blepharospasm, pediatric cerebral palsy and hyperhidrosis. Its power to deliver uniform results, have turned it into a patients’ favorite.



  • Active ingredient: Botulinum Toxin Type A (BTTA)
  • Tonic Adjuster: Sodium Chloride
  • Stabilizer albumin (human)

Every box of Botulax 200 contains 200 units (U). This product has been produced by Hugel Pharma in a sterile environment that complies with all health, safety and quality regulations and requirements. No preservatives have been used in its making.

Recommended dosage

Botulax 200 ranks among the safest and most patient-friendly anti-wrinkle treatments and neurotoxic medical products that are in existence today. It has a toxin complex size of 900kDA which effectively reduces the chance of its spreading beyond the injection points. In addition to that, it has purity rates of 99% which is something that not many other products in this category can say. Nevertheless, medical professionals should strictly follow the recommended dosage protocol to ensure natural-looking and durable result, as well as to prevent the risk of an overdose, allergies or side effects. Always buy this product from a reliable wholesale provider or distributor such as BTX Shop.

  • For pediatric cerebral palsy – not more than 4U per 1kg of patient bodyweight
  • For blepharospasm – 05-0.1mL or 1.25-2.5U (initial dose)
  • For glabellar wrinkles – the amount of dose varies and depend on the depth of the wrinkles (usually about 20U plus touch-up sessions
  • For diplegia – 6U per 1kg of patient bodyweight

Patients are to be carefully monitored in case of an overdose for several weeks after the treatment.

Effects after a treatment with Botulax 200 are fast

The results after each injection treatment with this remarkable product depend on several factors but the most important of them is the type of imperfection or condition which adult patients want to treat or correct. However, in most of the cases, effects start to kick in 2-3 days after the injection procedure and they peak several weeks later (usually after 3-4 weeks).