Dysport 300 is an FDA-approved abototulinumtoxinA which is used as part of medical treatments and cosmetic procedures. It is suitable for a wide range of patients and it delivers excellent results that become noticeable not long after the first injection session. Even repeat treatments carried out with this product offer impressive effects when it comes to temporary treatment of glabellar lines, upper and lower limb spasticity, cervical dystonia and more.


An FDA-approved neurotoxin similar to Botox

In the summer of 2015, Dysport 300 was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of upper limb spasticity and a year after that it became the world’s first Botulinum Toxin-based product to become FDA-approved for the treatment of lower limb spasticity in patients aged two or older. As of 2017, it can also be used to treat lower limb spasticity in adults. Since it has properties quite similar to those of Botox, its applications are not limited only to that. It can also be used as a form of treatment for adult patients suffering from cervical dystonia.

One of the most widespread applications of Dysport 300, however, is on adults who seek to temporary improve the appearance of moderate-to-severe frown lines appearing between the eyebrows, also known as glabellar lines. It achieves that by gradually relaxing the muscles that have been injected with it, minimizing those unappealing lines and giving patients a more youthful appearance.

Patients for which this product is suitable

  • Adults under the age of 65
  • People who are NOT allergic or hypersensitive to any of its ingredients or cow’s milk
  • Patients who DO NOT suffer from a skin infection, droopy eyelids or weak muscles around the injection sites
  • Individuals who have NOT undergone a facial plastic surgery in the past

Say goodbye to the frozen look with Dysport 300

This superb neurotoxic injection, which can be ordered from BTX Shop, relaxes and smooths only the muscles in which it is injected. It will not paralyze nearby facial areas which means that it will not give patients the so-called “frozen look” by limiting their facial expressions. With it, the face’s appearance remains natural. Patients no longer need to pay for their reduced wrinkles with their expression. That is why satisfaction rates with this product are equal to 97%.