Innotox 100 units is the largest of Medytox’ signature Botulinum Type A series. As typical for the brand, this is a premium quality Botulinum Type A injectable solution, which offers not only lasting, but very fast setting results. Normally, the patient will see results in just two or three days, post injection. The main purpose of the product is to prevent local muscle contraction in the areas of injection. Application can be done in a variety of areas of the face for up to several months of smoother skin.

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One of the things that set’s apart the Innotox brand from other Korean Botulinum products is that the solution comes in liquid form. There is no need to add extra Sodium Chloride – Innotox can be directly injected using a thin 30G needle. The amount of product necessary for each area ranges from 1 to 3 units. Normally a full facial procedure requires about 50 units of Botulinum, so a vial of Innotox 100 units will normally suffice for a complete do-over of two patients or a touch-up of 3 or 4.

A proper advantage of the product is that it will last longer than most Botox-like products, once opened. Not only is Innotox much more resilient and can safely be kept outside of a fridge for up to two weeks.

In a say, Innotox is very similar to Dysport, as it starts working almost immediately, and patients can expect their glabellar lines to disappear or be significantly reduces in just a couple of days post injection.

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