Meditoxin is the signature brand of Botulinum Type A toxin of the South Korean beauty and medicl device giant Medytox. Made as a direct alternative and competitor to the European Allergan Botox, Meditoxin is one of the highest quality anti-age products on the market. Safe to inject and with lasting effect, this anti-wrinkle solution guarantees from four to 6 months of smooth and wrinkle free skin. The Meditoxin 150 units package contains enough Botulinum for a full facial procedure of up to three people.


The main advantage of Meditoxin when compared to Botox is the price to quality ratio. In terms of what this Botulinum brand actually offers to doctors and patients, it’s quality is virtually indistiguihable from the Alleergan solution. The injection protocol and application procedures are the same, so is the 0.9% NaCl dilution scheme. Results are also very similar – both products take up to a week before the effect sets in, after which they will prevent or, at least, noticeably reduce muscle contraction in the area which has been treated.

The main focus of the Meditoxin 150 is glabellar and frown lines, but it will provide excellent results in the removal of wrinkles and skin lines in a variety of parts of the face, including around the cheekbones and the chin.

The effect is, on average between four and six months, but it depends on a multitude of factors how well the patient’s body will react to the Botulinum toxin. For most people the product is completely safe and there is no antibody buildup in the weeks following the Meditoxin injection.

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