Botulinum Type A products offer a quick and effective solution to dealing with wrinkles and skin folds. Usually associated with frown line and glabellar line treatment, products like the Meditoxin 200 units, are actually injected in various parts of the face as a way to smooth out the skin for up to six months. Meditoxin is the defining Botulinum product of the Medytox company and the closest competitor to come out of Korea and go head-to-head with Allergan Botox.


Meditoxin is a high-quality Botulinum Type A Toxin that is sold in powdered form. Each vial contains a small amount of toxin powder, a 200 units in total, which much be solves in 0.9% NaCl solution before being usable for injection. The amount of saline that is added and the units injected per areas of the face are identical to the ones of Allergan Botox. Meditoxin also gives similar results when compared to Botox in regard to duration and quality of the effect.

Meditoxin Botulinum works by preventing the muscles in the injected area from contracting. It has a mild local paralyzing effect to the muscle tissues which limits their ability to move (contract) about a week after injection, with a direct result of smoothing put the surface layer of the skin. The Botulinum product does not treat wrinkles, in the sense of actually removing them and re-touch procedures to maintain the smoothness are required. It will, however, help with the prevention of formation of new wrinkles and skin lines.

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