Nabota is a Korean brand of Botulinum Toxin Type A, developed primarily with aesthetical corrections in mind. Its main focus is the treatment and removal of glabellar (forehead) lines, but it is an effective Botox-like solutions for the treatment of wrinkles in various areas of the face. Normally, about 50 (up to 60) units of the product will be enough to do a full facial procedure for lasting wrinkle and skin line removal.


The manufacturer of Nabota – Daewoong is one of the leaders in Korea and among the top manufacturers of beauty products and cosmetically applied medical devices in the Asian country. This Botox alternative product that they offer, is the result of years of development, and improvements of the manufactured process.

A specially purified Botulinum Type A solution, Nabota 100 units, provides results much swifter than even high-quality solutions. In just two days after being injected, it will provide noticeable results in reduced local muscle contraction capabilities and a smoother skin on the surface. Results of treatment of glabellar lines and other areas are slightly above the average, when compared to other Korean top tier Botulinum products, with patient satisfaction polling consistently higher, as well.

The Nabota 100 units Botulinum did not show signs of rejection and anti-body formation in patients for a test period of 16 weeks. A low level of rejection ensures lasting effects and no adverse reaction

Further, the Nabota Butlinum is much more resilient than standard powdered Type A injectables, with the product maintaining the required stability even at room temperature, once being diluted with 0.9 NaCl solution.

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