This is the page where you can familiarize yourself with BTX Shop’s Return Policy. Here it should be noted that it serves as an extension to the website’s Terms & Conditions section. The latter can also be found on this website and is available to all current and potential customers. Please, take the time to also carefully go through our Terms & Conditions page. By agreeing to the conditions outlined in it, you are automatically considered to agree to our Return Policy terms.


BTX Shop accepts products that are returned within 8 days from the date of purchase on one or more of the following conditions:

  • The ordered product(s) is/are faulty on arrival (malfunctioning, defective, etc.)
  • The ordered product(s) was/were damaged during the transit process
  • The ordered product(s) was/were wrongly received

These conditions are applicable for all clients of the company and so are our Terms & Conditions. If you are unhappy with the item or items you have received, you must contact our clients’ care team and explain why you wish to return the purchase. You must contact us before you send back the item(s) and you must also provide us with details on your shipping method of choice which you are planning to use to return the product or products.

Products Faulty on Arrival

If you find that the item you have been sent is faulty on arrival, make sure you contact our team immediately or, at the very latest, within 8 days of the purchase date. The item must be returned in its original packaging. In addition to that, you must provide us with all the necessary documentation that will enable us to adequately and quickly resolve and assess your case. The information which we will need to assist you includes but it is not limited to:

  • Your name, full address and contact details
  • A copy of the invoice
  • The number of your order
  • The item you have ordered
  • The date on which you have received your order
  • The date when you discovered the product was faulty
  • A note containing an accurate description of the problem you have found with the item

Our professional customer care team may contact you later and ask for you to provide them with additional information. We cordially advise our clients to cooperate so that the problem could be quickly resolved. If our team verifies that the item was indeed faulty on arrival, you will either be offered a refund or an item’s replacement.

Products Damaged During Shipping

Customers who believe that the item(s) they have ordered from BTX Shop has/have been damaged in transit, should also not hesitate to contact us. Again, they must do that not more than 8 days after the date of purchase. The product needs to be shipped back to us in its original box, accompanied by all the necessary documents and information (as listed and described in the above-stated section “Products faulty on arrival”). If we determine that the item or items have been damaged during the shipping process, you will be reimbursed (typically via the payment method you originally used).

Wrong Product(s) Received

If the delivery of the items is incorrect (e.g. you have not been sent all the products you have ordered or you have received a wrong item or items), we will be happy to resolve the problem by offering you a refund or replacing the wrongfully received product(s). To qualify for a refund or an automatic product replacement, you must not open any of the incorrectly delivered items. You must also send them back to our office and we send you back your money (typically via your original payment method).

We will not accept product complaints, returns or refund requests made beyond 8 days after the purchase date. Customers are advised to always include a copy of the invoice, their full name, address and contact details, as well as a note that describes the issue they are experiencing.

Complaints Are Reviewed on a Per-Case Basis

Every case is reviewed on an individual basis. Therefore, the decision and refund amount are determined individually. As a law-abiding and properly licensed company, BTX Shop strives to work in the best interest of its customers and we will never attempt to violate the rights of any of our clients.