Welcome to our Terms & Conditions page. Here you can read and properly familiarize yourself with the terms, policies, notices, and conditions that apply to all users of this website, including merchants, vendors, casual visitors, and customers. For the purposes of this agreement, terms such as BTX Shop., “we,” “us,” “seller,” and the “company” will be used in reference to the owners of the website. Terms such as “you,” “buyer(s),” “users(s),” “client(s),” “they,” “them” and “customer(s)” will be used to refer to the users of this site.

By visiting or browsing this website, ordering any of the products posted here or engaging in any other way with the services we offer, you are automatically considered to agree with the terms and conditions presented on this page, as well as with those described in other sections of this site such as Privacy Policy, Shipping & Delivery and Return Policy.

BTX Shop a whole owned brand. We work in compliance with EU legislation and always in the best interest of our customers. However, it is the clients’ responsibility to carefully read through the conditions offered in this agreement before using this website, our services or before contacting us. Therefore, we urge you now to take your time and thoroughly go through the details of this Terms & Conditions notice. If you find that you do not agree with some of the conditions in this agreement, you may not use the services we offer or access this website. To do so, customers need to agree in full with our Terms & Conditions.

Placing Orders

Customers of this website may place orders 24/7. As an online retailer, we operate round the clock, every day of the week. That includes holidays and weekends. That statement is always valid unless in cases in which we are experiencing technical problems or carrying out website maintenance.

New orders are usually processed within 24-48 hours after they have been placed unless special circumstances arise (such as the ones described in the previous paragraph). We reserve our right to extend order processing times when that is necessary.

Not long after the client has placed their order, they will receive an email containing details of the order such as:

  • A summary of the ordered items
  • Contact details of the buyer
  • Delivery address of the buyer
  • Order number
  • Delivery charges
  • Additional fees and taxes such as VAT (if any)
  • Additional shipping information (if any)
  • Payment method of choice
  • The overall cost of the order

This email is automatically generated and sent by our system and, for that reason, it may NOT be viewed as a confirmation notice. Our team will contact the buyer later (either via phone or email) to confirm the order, shipping address and other details. The client may be requested to provide additional information if the one that was originally provided is deemed incomplete.

All products listed on this website are a subject of availability. We reserve our right to cancel orders when we are not able to supply the items that have been ordered.

Client Information

Every customer who wishes to order products via this site bears the sole responsibility of providing the necessary information for the order to be successfully carried out (e.g. contact details, address, etc.). We urge our clients to provide only correct and accurate information to make the delivery process faster and smoother. Our company takes no responsibility for additional costs or delays that were caused as a direct result of a wrong or insufficient information given to us by customers. We also ask for buyers to provide any additional information that may be requested from them after they have placed their order.

You can make changes to the information you have sent us given that the package has not been shipped yet. If you choose to do that, however, keep in mind that it may take our team another 24 hours to review the updated information and to contact you again to confirm these changes.

Shipping & Delivery

All terms and conditions related to shipping and delivery matters are available for all users on our Shipping & Delivery page. By accepting the details of this agreement, you are automatically agreeing to the conditions in our Shipping & Delivery section.

Products Availability

Items that are marked on this website as “In Stock” and are currently available in our warehouse will be sent 24-48 hours after a payment has been made and finalized. Products that are marked as “In Stock” but are not currently available in the company’s warehouse, will need to be delivered from the warehouse of an external provider. That may prolong shipping time by 3-5 workdays. If the delay is greater than that, the buyer will be notified. We offer two main delivery options: via a courier or mail.

We reserve our right to cancel orders if we cannot supply the selected products. In the event, that we decide to do that, you will be contacted via phone or email to be notified.

Cancellation of Orders

Clients can cancel orders they have placed. They can do that at any given moment unless the products have not been already sent.


BTX Shop accepts payments via credit and debit cards and via a bank transfer. If you choose to use the former payment method, you will need to rely on our checkout service. It is secure, trusted and all payments processed by it protect the information and banking details of the client. In fact, this system is so secure that even our own team cannot view your information.

To ensure that there is no fraud involved during the payment process, we perform validation checks on buyers who choose to pay by a credit or debit card. If we suspect a fraud any other malicious intents or detects any unusual activity, we reserve our right to delay or even cancel the order.

Customers who wish to pay via a bank transfer need to make the transfer to the company’s banking account.

Packages are sent only after the payment has been finalized, i.e. only when the transaction has been completed.

Prices, Import Duties & Fees

Prices listed on this website do not include VAT, domestic fees, import duties or any additional charges that the buyer may be also be required to pay.

EU and non-EU customers are a subject to different fees, taxes, and import duties. EU-based individuals and organizations that purchase products via this website are usually not required to pay import duties. However, they may need to pay VAT unless they have a valid VAT number which they need to provide during checkout. VAT will be automatically included in the total order value (only the client’s local VAT rates apply). If you need more information on that subject, do not hesitate to contact us.

Non-EU clients will not be required to pay VAT but they may be asked to cover other fees and taxes, among which may also be import duties. To learn more, we invite you to read our Shipping & Delivery notice.

Return Policy

To learn about our terms and conditions regarding the return of products purchased via this website, please visit our Return Policy page. It serves as an addition to this agreement. Therefore, by accepting our Terms & Conditions, you also agree to the terms and practices stipulated by our Return Policy section.

Limitation of Liability

Clients agree to use the services provided by this website at their own risk. The following liability disclaimer applies for indirect losses and damages that have affected any third party and/or the buyers themselves. Those losses may include but are not limited to profit losses, loss of client interest, loss of business opportunities. It also applies to damages and injuries resulting from delay in transmission and operation, error, computer malware, failure of performance, unauthorized access, negligence, interruption, etc.

Our liability is to be limited only to the sum that the client pays for the product(s) ordered via this site. Product, negligence and strict liability damages are not to be covered by BTX Shop.

This online store offers its services to customers in different parts of the world. Therefore, in places where limitation or exclusion of liability is not allowed by local laws, the company’s liability is to be set at the maximum level permitted by local laws.

Applicable Laws

The way clients use this website, as well as all disagreements and issues that arise of this use are subject to the laws of Bulgaria and the European Union. The same is also valid for this Terms & Conditions notice. The only exception that applies here is for rules of choice of law and CISG.


We strive to keep our customers happy and to provide them with the best possible service. If you feel that we are not doing a good enough job, feel free to let us know. Complaints of any nature can be filed either over the phone or to our email address. Feedback and questions are also welcomed.

Prohibited Uses and Intellectual Property

On our website, we use both freely distributed third-party and proprietary intellectual property (IP) that comes in the form of images, text, videos and more. Embedded content hosted by other websites can also be subject to intellectual property rights.

We respect the work of third parties and we do our best to protect their intellectual property. For that reason, we use only those intellectual products that are labeled as free for commercial use or reuse. Nevertheless, if you believe that we have violated your IP rights in any way or that we have used your intellectual product or content in a wrongful manner, get in touch with us via email.

All content that is IP of the owners of BTX Shop and is used on this website is prohibited from being shared, copied, reused, resold, redistributed or used in any other form or manner without the knowledge and consent of the company. We reserve our right to limit or terminate clients’ access to our services if they are found to have violated any of the above-listed prohibited uses.


BTX Shop aims at presenting its customers with correct and detailed information but we cannot promise that all of the content available on this website is always up-to-date or that it 100% free of errors. We also reserve our right to make changes and updates on the content available on the site at any given moment. That may also include changes related to the prices and delivery rates posted here but not without notifying the buyer first.

We reserve our right to cancel placed orders at any given moment even for products which are currently in stock when we are provided with insufficient or inaccurate information by the client. We take no responsibility for non-deliveries that have resulted from unexpected events (mistakes made by the supplier or courier, failure of delivery, etc.) or those that have not been carried out due to the item or items being currently out of stock. In the case that we decide to cancel an order, we will notify the customer. In the event that we do not manage to get in touch with the customer, we will automatically cancel the order.

If you find any part of this agreement unclear or misleading or if you happen to have any questions related to our Terms & Conditions, do contact us.